Tim is a Philadelphia songwriter, guitarist, and engineer who blends electronic, ambient, folk, and alternative elements to create an immersive musical experience. Tim provides a unique voice and character to any creative project; from session work, live performances, and engineering records.


“Tim approaches each song with both immense technical ability and originality. He is tasteful and thoughtful about his dynamics and what he can add to enhance the sound as a whole. “

-Sean Cox, songwriter, Three Strands

“When it comes to engineering, mixing and overall musical ability, Tim Weaver shines bright. His ability to not only encourage creativity in his clients, but also create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere whole doing so is the reason why I would choose Tim over anyone else. Tim cares about the music and that’s evident not only during the process but also in the final mix.”

-Vic Davi, songwriter, media composer

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Everything Tim Weaver does is about moments.

Moments feel like little eternities. Whether in art or in life, we are caught in the terrific silence of those potent spaces. They are potholes, engagement rings, guitar hooks, diagnoses and punchlines. These little tears in time are what drive Tim in his creativity. Whether it’s writing a hook or mixing a song, his greatest success is found in creating a transcendent moment that the artist and the audience feel.

Drawing heavily from the likes of The Postal Service, David Bazan, and Manchester Orchestra, Tim blends synthesizers with sweeping vocal textures and acoustic instruments in order to create a moment where the listener looks inward and finds closure. For Tim, music is the ultimate vehicle for connection and for healing. People do, after all, need some type of grounding as they make their way through the world.

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As much as Tim loves performing, Tim also loves sharing his craft and instilling curiosity in others to learn and explore the gift of music. Currently, Tim is a piano and guitar instructor to all ages 6 and above in the Valley Forge Area. He delivers lessons right to your home for your convenience.

Interested in taking lessons with Tim? Head over to Pineapple Music Studio and fill out an inquiry form.

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